Our story.

We are committed to breaking down the financial barriers that prevent those who are disadvantaged from accessing the many and well-documented benefits of playing the piano.   Access to a piano provides a feeling of accomplishment through a creative outlet—something a video game or social media can never provide. This is a feeling that should never be limited to those in a certain income bracket.

Founded in December 2012, Pianos for People delivered its first piano in our first month, and we have now sourced, serviced, and delivered over 230 quality pianos to people and community organizations all over the St. Louis metropolitan area. At our Free Piano School in Cherokee, which opened in November 2014, we provide access to over 140 regular students - a number which continues to grow, particularly with the opening of our first satellite studio in Ferguson in October 2016.

Our work has extended beyond Free Pianos and Free Piano Lessons, to free summer Piano Camps and special community-building opportunities, which bring people together around the piano. To date, we have served over 6,000 people.

Please consider making a generous tax-deductible donation to help us continue this important work.

Thank you.

Pianos for People is a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization.  EIN:  47-4084512

If you would like to discuss making a donation, please contact Sheena Duncan, Executive Director email sheena@pianosforpeople.org



Jeanne & Tom Townsend

Anonymous (4) 

Armstrong Teasdale LLP

City of St. Louis, Board of Aldermen Grant

Dana Brown Charitable Trust, U.S. Bank, Trustee

Sheena Duncan & Mark Prendergast

Pat Weeks Eastman


Hortense Hogan Charitable Trust

Incarnate Word Foundation 



One Hundred Women Who Care, St Louis

Mr Winston Pettus of the Pettus Foundation Trust 

Regional Arts Commission

Janice Rohan and Phil Hulse

Edward C. Simmons III

Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation

The Siteman Family Foundation

Patrick and Mary Sly

St. Louis Philanthropic Organization

Sarah H. Trulaske

Trio Foundation of St. Louis


AB Mauri

Arts & Education Council

Blueprint4Summer Youth Education Fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation

Jewish Fund for Human Needs

Manchisi Charitable Gift Fund

Edward C. Simmons III


Anonymous (2)

Ameren Missouri

Jack Bader

Elizabeth & Michael Brunt

Daniel & Connie Burkhardt

Paul & Susan Buse

James Butler Esq.

Charles & Katherine Claggett

Clare M. Davis

Michael Dwyer

Patricia & Jeff Eastman

Sherry Eddington

Charles & Patricia Erker

Tanya & Bart French

Margaret P. Gilleo

Mark & Gina Golde - Strategies for Growth

Ellen & Warren Hager

Tim & Callie Halls

Anne Harber

Bryan Haynes

Colleen Hennessy

Hope & Richard Horn

Lawrence Katzenstein

Kirkwood Kiwanis Club

Daniel Kucera & Maria Rivera-Ripoll

Kennett Lehmann

Beverly Luster

Melissa Larson Behrend

James Manchisi, in honor of Michael Manchisi’s retirement

Frank Manchisi, in honor of Michael Manchisi’s retirement

May Foundation Trust

Barclay & Kerry MacKinnon

Teresa McNail

Andrea Minich, in memory of Esther Wilcox

Ron Mott

Ron Moser

Aaron & Nancy Novack

Charles & Marian Rice

Zsolt & Mary Rumy Charitable Foundation

Rodgers Townsend

Roeser Home Remodeling

Laura Shaughnessy

Kristie & Don Skor

Steinway Piano Gallery, Gerry & Judith Malzone

Sandy Streator

Simon & Mary Tonkin

Ron & Robin Tremayne

Sarah Trulaske

Robin & Tim Wentworth


Anonymous (4)

James & Susan Adams

Mark Alford

James Allison

Karen Anderson

Kathy Anthony

Anne Bader

John Bailey

Randall & Cheryl Balke

Kenneth Ball

Bruce & Lennis Bange

Dennis Baricevic

Mark & Susan Barron

Maggie Barton

Anna Behr

Belleville Rotary Club

Mary Ann Berardino

Ryan & Courtney Brame

Jennifer Brooks, In Loving Memory of Uncle Leo Zornow

John & Ann Begemann

Sylvia Bennett

Sandy Bequette, in honor of Michael Manchisi

Pierre & Barb Berger, in honor of Katie & Charlie Claggett

Beverly Berner

Robert Mierman, in honor of Michael Manchisi and Billy Greene’s retirements

Scott Biermann

Arnold Block

Mary Anne Block

Marc Boguslaw

Nancy Bohm

Daniel Brennan

Meg Brinkley

Jennifer Brodsky

JD Brooks, in Memory of Thomas U. Smith, Jr.

Thomas & Joann Brown

Stephanie Browne

Jerome Budai

Dave Bunte

Ellen Calder

Mary Camac

Leonard Canoy, in honor of Michael Manchisi and Billy Greene’s retirements

Anders Carlsson

Colleen Catalano

J. Chambers

Bill & Anne Chao

Margaret Chapman

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

Ken & Sarah Christian

Shanora Clark

John & Charissa Clark, in memory of Paul H. Clark

Miriam & Allan Clayton

Anne & Doug Cliff

Jennifer Cline, in memory of Donna Wallace Evans

Gwen Clopton

Kay Cochran

Sherri Conrad

Kenneth & Kathleen Cook

Madelon Byrd Croskell

Martin W Daly

Joyce & Homer Daniel

Susan Davidson

Andrew & Lynn Davis

Caroline Davis, in honor of Marji Fint

Matt & Allison Davis

William Davis

Tom Dewoskin

Laureen Di Bisceglie

George Diehr

Gene Dobbs Bradford

Frank Doerner

Sharon & Fred Domke

James & Katharine Dowd

Alana Downie

Richard & Judy Dubin

John & Kathryn Dubuque

Emily & Tyler Duddy

Constance Eastman

Ellen Eisenberg - In Loving Memory of Uncle Leo Zornow

Bonnie & Art Eisenberg-Greene - In Loving Memory of Uncle Leo Zornow

Karen Elshout

Rita Englund

Karen Enloe - In Loving Memory of Greg McCallum

Madge & Verlin Enloe - In Memory of Greg McCallum

Erika Enstrom

Alan Ernst

Margaret Erthal

Sallie Ervin

Joan & Pat Esserman

Elizabeth Fagan

Barbara Feiner

Sydney Finin

Marcia Finin

Dianne Finnestead

Sam Fiorello

Rick Fischer

James Fitzpatrick

Bridget Flood

Teresa Flynn

Russell Fogel

Irene Fowle

Kate Francis

Lisa Freidhoff

Theresa French

John & Carolyn Friedman

Gretchen Fuller

Richard Galos

Robert Garrick

Marguerite Garrick

Rob & Maripat Gatter

Pamela Gempel, in honor of Allen & Jeanette Myers

Kristen Gibbons

Danvis Gibbs

Jennifer Glodeck

Helen Goertz

Kristina M. Goodwin

Cherie Goon

Mark & Michele Gorski

Jill Gould

Donna & Thomas Goulden

Thomas Gow

Laura & Ted Greenberg

Richard Greenberg & Clair Schenk

Sheila Green, in honor of Kayia Royal-Baker

Bill & Lisa Greene

Judy Greenman - In Memory of Greg McCallum

Steven & Lynn Grigone

Judy Griffin

Richard Grossman

Theresa Grumke

Bill & Rosemarie Haberberger

Susan Hackett

The Hair Syndicate

Michael Halbrook

Ethan Hall

Agi Harkay

Lynn Harmet

Mark Harter, in honor of Michael Manchisi and Billy Greene’s retirements

Lisa Harter

Joan Hartley

Irene Hasagawa

Joe & Liz Haspiel

Christopher & Patricia Heffern

Residentual Consultants LLC, Barb & Ron Heise

John Hermann

Adam Hesed, in honor of Peter, Andrea, and Anne Tkach

Ronald Himes

Emily Hixson

Gregory & Jane Hoeltzel

Joe Hoerschelman

Gene & Carol Hoffman

Terry Hoffman

William F. Holden & Susan Cox-Holden

Rick & Rosalie Homire

Danny & Pat Hommes

Steve Housewright

Kaye Huch

Abby Hummel

Phyllis Hyen

Deborah & Simon Igielnik

Dominic Imgrund

Jill & Jay Indovino

Joanne & Joel Iskiwitch

Patricia Ivey

Chanaya Jacobs, in honor of Graham Sagel

Teresa Jacobson

Gianna Jacobson

Glenn Jamboretz

Carolyn Janette

Richard Jauer

Stephon Jenkins

Chantelle Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

David & Lori Jones

Stan Jones

Mary Jotte

Mary Jane Kaiser

Andy Kanefield

Richard Katz

Timothy & Mary Kellett

Kathleen Kennedy, in honor of Michael Manchisi

William Kerch

Joe Kerkhoven

Robert, Marcia & Hugh Kern

Patricia Killian

Thomas & Mercedes Knese

Stephen Koehler

Bridget Koenig

Dan & Sheena Kopman

Stephen Korbecki, in honor of Billy Greene’s retirement

Helen Kornblum

Ann Kramer

Steven & Dorothy Labounty

Jane Lander

John Lane

Robert Lapides

Allen & Debra Larson, in honor of the marriage of Donna Vince & Stephen Feldman

Timothy Lawlor

Jane Lawrence

Kennett Lehmann

Erica Leisenring

Alicia Leite

Joe Leverich

Ed Levy, in honor of the great Herb Drury

Renee Lewis & Mike Leicht

JCL Accounting, Matt & Amanda Limmer

Sean Lock

Jeffrey Loeb & Margaret Beal

Marianne Loftus

James & Teresa Lucas

Terry Lucas

Carolyn Lumbard

Eileen Manchisi, in honor of Michael Manchisi’s retirement

Ming Mandoli

Chris Mansfield, in honor of Billy Greene’s retirement

Olivia Manson, in honor of Deborah Manson

John & Laura Marlow

Renee Martin

John Martin, in honor of Mary Ellen Shortland

Lauren Matlach

Beth Maurer

Mary McDevitt

The Late Greg McCallum 

Caroline McGlaughlin, in memory of Greg McCallum

Steve McMillan

Kimball McMullin

Lisa McMullin

David & Catherine McRae

Ann McReynolds, in honor of Catherine Edwards Kopff

Carol & Glenn Medwin

Cynthia Melvin

Cheryl & Douglas Mertzlufft

Jim Messina

Claire Meyners

Kathleen Miller, in honor of Veronica Fearneyhough

Elise Miller

Bruce Miller

Michael Milosevich, in honor of Pat Milosevich

Mellony Milton

Donna Molinet

Alicia & Alaina Morgan, in honor of Amy Seibert

Jo Anne Morrow

Ron Moser

Cookie Murphy

The Music Room

Dana Myers

Rachel Neukirch

Maurice & Mary Noellsch

Kate Nolan

Northwest Coffee

Aaron & Nancy Novack

Monica & Brian O’Connor

Jennifer Oertli

Sheila Oliveri, in memory of Alex Townsend

Darko and Laura Orsic, in memory of Alex Townsend

Karen & Tony Olson

Ken Page

Richard Pandorf, in honor of Michael Manchisi and Billy Greene’s retirements

Edward Patz

Michael Paulus

Jennifer Penrod

Jacqueline Peterson

Linda Peterson

A Piano’s Friend

Susie Pleimann

Debbie Polinsky

Carletta W. Pollard

Leigh Pratter, in memory of Michael Friedman

Liam Prendergast

Kim & Stephen Priest

Cynthia Prost

Eldina Qirici

Lynn Queathem

Mary Raichle

Catherine Ramos

William Ravensberg

Clark & Anne Reed

Lynn Reid

Randle Richardson

Lisa Rief, in honor of Michael Manchisi

Randle Richardson

Doug & Sandy Riggs

Nancy Ritzel, in honor of J.T. Welsch

Stephanie Riven & Roger Goldman

Tim & Mary-Beth Rodgers - In Memory of Kitty Townsend

Karla Roeber

Dana & Jim Romeis

John Rorris

Sheryl Rose

Robert Rosen, in honor of Pat Eastman

Jerry Rosenblum

Sally Rosenthal

Marc Rosenthal, in honor of Owen Rosenthal

Michael Ross

David & Anne Rudder

Victor Ruiz

Jana Rush

Gary Sacks

Sandy & Steve Salamone

Mary Sallee

Jerry Sargent, in honor of Michael Manchisi

Michael & Janet Sayers

Carol Schatz

Lindsey Scheftic In Honor of Alex Townsend.  For David & Kim Garden

Daniel Schene, in honor of Hope Bellar Schene

Cara Schipkowski

John Schroeder, in honor of Michael Manchisi and Billy Greene’s retirements

Kate Schneider, in honor of Michael Manchisi

Debra Schuster

Oscar Schwartz

Sally Schwarz

Sanford Scott

Jerry Sears

Suzanne Sebert

Amy Seibert, in honor of Kayia and Tony Baker and their new life together

Suzy Seldin

Ruth Seldin

Christopher & Pamela Seyer

Michael Shepley

Katherine Silbereich

Jack Sisk & Nancy Breier

Barb Skewes

Alina Slapac

Barb Slavkin

Heidi Sloss, in memory of Adina Chaya Talve-Goodman

Kayia Smith

Jamie Smith Arkin

Robert Snarrenberg

Marie Spadoni

Cheryl Sparks

Frank Spielberg

Lucie Springmeyer

Mark Spurrier & Karl Koesterer

St. Louis Piano

St. Louis Suzuki Piano Teachers Association, in honor of Steinway Gallery

David Stambaugh, in honor of Frank & Dede Knowles

Pamela J Stevens

Meredith Stewart, in honor of Janet Miller

Brad Stone

Jared Stoner

Angelia Strickland

Melissa Strobel

Anne Strong

Sally Suder, in memory of Nancy Margarite Newel Orth

Kelly & Susan Sullivan, in honor of Janice Rohan & Phil Hulse

Gary Takavitz

Jennifer Talley

Felice Taub-Joyce

Kevin Terry

Marcy Test

Sharon Tettenhorst

M Denise Thomas

Susan Thomson

Tom Tipton

Jeff Truesdell

Stephanie Truetzel

Cicely Tucker

Joseph Tyldesley & Shen Wen

Diana Umali


Michelle Valente

Karen Van Berkel

Jeanne Velders

Laura Veremakis

Alex & Kelly Vergara

Kevin Vietmeier

Donna Vince

Jonathan & Shannon Vitiello

Margaret Vogel-Martin, in memory of Greg McCallum

Anne von der Heydt

Gary Vonderhaar, in honor of Michael Manchisi

John & Cindy Wallach

Stephen & Regina Walsh

Mari Watanabe & Mark Alford

Vince & D’Anne Weber

Alan Weber & JoAnn Graziano

F. Joe & Nancy E. Weigand

Richard Weiss & Sally Altman

Steve Welch

Ali Jean Wells

Scott Wells, in honor of Greg McCallum

Nancy & Steven Weinreich, in memory of David S. Weinreich & Alex Townsend

Ali Wells

Elizabeth Welsh

Lisa Wendel, in memory of Jeter Thompson

Kristine Wentzien

Tom Whittaker, in honor of Gincie B. White

Janet Whitty, in honor of Karen & Howie Blessing

Kevin Willkie, in honor of Michael Manchisi

Eddie Wilson

Isla Wilson

Bonnie Wilson

Philip Wrobel, in honor of Alex Cooper

Donald Wood, in honor of Denise Donnell

Doug Wolfe

Gail C Workman

Maxwell Wright

Philip Wrobel

Jeffrey Wyrick, in honor of Julie Wyrick

Todd Wyrick, in honor of Julie Wyrick

Greg Yin, in honor of Grace and Frank Yin

Janet Zachritz

Arlene Zarembka

Michelle Zignago

Dave Zornow, in honor of Leo Zornow

If we have inadvertently left off your name, we do apologise -- please contact us at sheena@pianosforpeople.org

Joanna Ackerman

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David & Camyla Crouch

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Lindsey Derrington

Jan and Bill Eadman

Linda Ellsworth

Avent Episcopal

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Kimberly Gatesworth

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Jane and Patrick Gibson

Dennis Goskie

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Robert Helmkampf

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Carl Hicks

Nancy Higgins

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Andreal Hoosman

Dorthy Howard

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Jackson Pianos

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Chantelle Dawn Johnson

Marcy Johnson

Martha Johnson

Joy Jolliff

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Lutheran Senior Services Rose Hill House

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Jack Sisk & Nancy Breier

Janet and Mike Sloey

Kayia Smith

Linda Spadoni

Lynne Staebell

Steinway St Louis

Robert Sternberg

Steinway Piano Gallery

Karen Stewart

Ruth Stewart

Susan Stough

David & Angelia Strickland

St. Anthony's Charitable Foundation

Third Baptist Church

Debbie Tiefenbruck

Rogers Townsend

Tom and Jeanne Townsend

Laurie Trail

Jeanne Velders

Donna Vince

Christine Warrington

Webster University Community Music School

Alan & JoAnn Weber

Carol Weir

Louise West

Joe Wier

Martin Wilson

Linda Wheatley

Chris White

Ron and Robyn Wilkerson

Lucy Willis

If we have inadvertently left off your name, we do apologise -- please contact us at sheena@pianosforpeople.org

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