A piano is more than just a piano – it can be an agent of positive change in a person’s life, opening doors to intellectual and emotional growth. It is well documented that music study improves IQ, verbal memory, literacy, mathematics and visual-spatial processing and importantly in today’s world, it improves empathy.

Yet today, music is regularly removed from school curricula. At the same time, playing an instrument – which takes time and discipline – is being replaced in family life with digital gaming, video, social media, and other distractions from the creative arts.

We delivered our first piano in December 2012, and our 300th free, high-quality, donated piano in March 2021. We source, refurbish and deliver approximately 40 quality pianos per year.

Pianos donated through our program have had a positive impact on literally thousands of people via our recipient families, community groups, churches and underfunded schools.