Music lessons provide an artistic outlet for all ages to explore, create, heal and build self-confidence. Pianos for People currently has approximately 100 piano students enrolled at our free Cherokee Street School and an additional 100+ students at our Ferguson location.

We offer group and private lessons at both of our studios, and have expanded our offerings to include Music Production, Learning to Improvise, pre-school classes, adult groups, theory workshops, and master classes for advanced students. Many of our students participate in more than one workshop or lesson.

Our piano teachers are the heart of our success. Our teachers are highly qualified, committed and experienced – many of them with music degrees. They are a diverse and committed staff, and most importantly, they are empathetic and sensitive to the issues that many of our families face.

To qualify for free lessons, one must demonstrate financial or other special need and a genuine interest and commitment to learn the piano. Many of our families have also applied for and received a FREE PIANO as part of our Piano Donation Program, ensuring better engagement and success.